Lindsey Dabek

Lindsey Dabek is thrilled to be a part of Midnight Mystery Theater and The Cheese Adjusters.  Her voice acting also extends to REPS shows, including their Halloween Productions,  as well as “Houseboat Hannah” and “Blackstone: Magic Detective” series.  She was featured in the Live Radio Plays “A Christmas Carol” and “Miracle on 34th Street” with Twelfth Night Productions, as well as “The Case of the Missing Elf” and “The Case of the Missing Candy Cane” by John Ruoff. 

Lindsey is a vocalist who sings with local Brazilian bands Onda Verde, Show Brazil!  and local rock band Shipyard Rose.  She appeared in the stage production “Twin Peaks Live 3” as a singing Lil (by Chris Mathews) and in “Chocolate Hearts” by John Ruoff, performing throughout the production with fellow actor/musicion, Ryan Asbert. 

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