MMT’s The Case of the Missing Peace!!

Recorded LIVE with Maple Valley Cultural Arts Council on JANUARY 29, 2021


Written and directed by John Ruoff 

As the crew of the X-13 ponder the vastness of space and Commander Johnny Rocket’s ego, a radio broadcast from earth describes an attack by large Martian chickens and their mechanical warrior eggs, all engineered by the mad meteorologist brothers Darcy and Farcy Babbitt to create a war of the worlds in hopes Commander Rocket will shoulder the blame by engaging in unprovoked attacks on Martian allies and possibly the miniature golf channel satellite. Can Johnny save the earth from a massive cholesterol attack? Tune in as we present another tawdry tale of terror…suspense…and Martians!  

Starring Ryan Asbert, Rob Bowker, Lindsey Dabek, Jalyn Green, David Hayes, Phillip Keiman, Chris Mathews, Shawna Millard, Dean T. Moody, John Ruoff, and Gail Wamba Flynn Kibbey. Sound effects by Josh Flynn Kibbey, and music by Bob Blumenthal.  

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