The Case of the Missing Astronaut – LIVE via Zoom for Maple Valley Arts Fest 2020!!

Join us for another installment of Johnny Rocket – Space Commander and the crew of the X-13 as we journey to a faraway land… that might not be quite so far away after all!

Recorded LIVE via Zoom for the Maple Valley Arts Fest – June 13-14 2020 (Virtual Edition), aired on Sunday, June 14th. Special thanks to the folks at Maple Valley Creative Arts Council – thank you and enjoy!

Written and Directed by John Ruoff, featuring Ryan Asbert (Cadet Larry Liftoff), Rob Bowker (Bunky “Spam is a Food Group” Putt-Putt), Lindsey Dabek (Cadet Pia Girmar), Jalyn Green (Commander Johnny Rocket), Chris Mathews (Cadet Winky), Shawna Millard (Cadet Janet Planet), Dean T. Moody (Rollo the Robot), John Ruoff (Professor Nosehairs), Gail Wamba (Supreme Commander Meridian, Doctor Doctor), with Josh Kibbey (Sound Effects) and Bob Blumenthal (Music).

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