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MMT FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE – The Case of the Missing Milky Way!

March 26 @ 8:00 pm 9:00 pm

Special Guests: Susan Connors & Curt Simmons

Written by John Ruoff

Commander Johnny Rocket and the wacky crew of the X-13 are back for another adventure!

The gang from the X-13 are called in to keep the peace when a civil war breaks out in the Milky Way–a time even worse than 2020 (Ahhhh!) when the Kingdom of the Milky Way, ruled by Lactose the Intolerant (Curt Simmons) had pronounced Lady Stella Stella of the Homogonites (Susan Connors) as the new Queen. This time, civil war is started by the People Soy-cialist Republic led by Sky Lukewalker and the Evil Meteorologist of the Usurper brothers, coupled by the Queen’s plot to take over the Milky Way, all lead up to the King’s head of the Star Fighters General Cluster and the Battle of the Little Big Dipper. One major problem–the Milky Way has vanished! Was it the Court Wizard Ed Kazam? Was it the Mad Weatherman? Tune in and find out!  

Starring Ryan Asbert, Rob Bowker, Lindsey Dabek, Jalyn Green, David Hayes, Phillip Keiman, Chris Mathews, Shawna Millard, Dean T. Moody, John Ruoff, Gail Wamba, and special guest stars Susan Connors & Curt Simmons. Sound effects by Josh Kibbey, and music by Bob Blumenthal. 


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